My quasi-liberal bent is sorely tested

ALBANY—The New York State Senate has passed the “Public Assistance Integrity Act,” that would prohibit welfare recipients from using cash assistance for tobacco, alcoholic beverages, lo…

Source: My quasi-liberal bent is sorely tested


A Millennium Man confronts the Life Equation

God_and_Universe_painting2 copy

I felt like I was crucifying Christ that stormy day, watching those workers load up my family’s history into their truck. The destination was the junkyard,and that would be that. It seemed that I was doomed to be the gravedigger of three hundred years of the most gentle-hearted souls whose stories and graces will never see any candlelit vigils. Was I burning the temple of better gods or on a path to find them?

It is clear that I am not a poet nor cherish the criticism of poets. I cannot assign the Faulkners and Whitmans a place in the Pantheon. Their art is dead. Nothing they have said means anything to anyone now. I can only admire their creations and thus — despite their planetary flaws —  wonder about great literature. One person believes Hemingway was a mountain, others believe he was a shit pond.

I am a man of this age. I have to look to the future and forget the past. Pictures and mementos are not keen for our survival.  We must unlock new worlds and solve the equation of life.